Jagan’s Sister vs Naidu’s Army

June 04 2019

LIKE Priyanka Gandhi, Jagan Mohan Reddy’s sister YS Sharmila too stood by her brother during the entire election. But Sharmila is different from Priyanka in a sense that she does not like limelight. She kept supporting Jagan’s campaign from background itself. Sharmila had also handled Jagan’s entire social media. Their social media was recklessly attacking Chandrababu Naidu. Using the popular Chinese apps like TikTok, Hola and ShareIt, they created a stir in the Naidu camp. When Jagan went on his ‘pada yatras’, Sharmila would have shot campaign films and posted on social media, with songs in the background. Sharmila’s ‘Bye By Babu’ slogan for Naidu was also a hit. On the other hand, Naidu’s digital army launched personal attacks on Sharmila, sometimes even crossing the line by raising questions on her character. This probably did not go well with the people of Andhra Pradesh, and they showed Chandrababu the exit door.

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