Investigation Agencies Target These 3

February 18 2019

Three high profile personalities are on the Modi government’s radar, whom the government wants to land in jails before the 2019 polls. The first name on this list is of Gandhi family’s son-in-law Robert Vadra. Sources tell that Vadra has been grilled many a times and his documents have been thoroughly scanned and searched. The entire build up has been done, only the climax remains.
The second name is of Kolkata Police Commissioner, who is said to be at cordial terms with Mamata Banerjee. According to the sources, the investigating agencies are confident that the red diary and pen drive, which apparently document the entire Saradha and Rose Valley chit fund scams, have yet not been destroyed by Kumar and that he has kept them hidden somewhere. Its recovery may mean that Mamata too would suffer.
The third and most important name is of former CBI director Alok Verma who had created troubles for the Modi government with his courage and boldness.

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