In Search Of Venkaiah’s Replacement

February 18 2019

South Indian states are giving headaches to BJP. Party president Amit Shah is the sole leader who is braving to communicate with the leaders and population of the states with his Gujarati-mixed-Hindi.
The BJP is actually is searching for a leader who can bridge communication with regional parties like DMK, AIADMK, TDP, TRS and JD(S). Earlier the party had Venkaiah Naidu doing the job, but ever since he has become the vice president of the nation, he is unable to carry the BJP agenda that openly. In the recent past, when Venkaiah met with DMK chief Stalin, it made headlines in many Tamil newspapers. Even though, it was Stalin who had come to meet Venkaiah at a hotel in Chennai.
If sources are to be believed, Naidu himself has been given the responsibility to find a suitable South Indian leader and prep him to fulfill the party’s motive.

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