In Search Of Shah’s Replacement

December 27 2018

Nowadays RSS and its allies have been dwelling over why the BJP is in such a bad shape in the Hindi hearlands? The good and the bad – all have been spilled in this discussion.
One such bean was that since the prime minister and the party president are both Gujarati, this is not working fine for the Hindi belt. Anyway, the party workers have never been happy with the way Amit Shah functions. So, as of now the party is in need of a President who is available to all, listens to all.
Following this, an RSS official suggested the name of Shivraj Singh Chouhan. In their opinion, Shivraj is both popular and cooperative. Shivraj was also sent a filler from thr RSS’ side but the former is not ready to leave Madhya Pradesh.
After this Nitin Gadkari’s name was put forth. Even the party cadre puts a seal of acceptance on his name. But the RSS feels that Modi will never approve for Gadkari.
At the end, the heads have turned towards Rajnath Singh, with whom neither Modi has any issues nor the RSS. Is this the reason why sections of BJP raising their voices against Shah? Is it possible without the RSS’ backing?

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