Hyd cop needs to be lauded

December 14 2019

The Hyderabad Police has made an environment in the nation by killing the four rape-murder accused in the encounter. Generally, the men in khaki are used to being “condemned” by the people. However, this time, the police are being lauded, garlanded and Rakhis are being tied on their wrist. Apart from a few exceptions like Maneka Gandhi, the entire nation is celebrating. Now let us take you 11 years back when the Police Commissioner of Cyberabad -VC Sajjnar – had conducted a similar act. When Sajjnar was SP of Warangal district in December 2008, two girls were attacked and acid was thrown on them. Sajjanar nabbed the three men behind the attack and took them to the crime scene on December 11, 2008, to recreate the crime scene where the men allegedly attacked the cops and they too were shot dead, in a similar fashion that occurred in Disha’s case. Then too, Sajjanar became a hero in the eyes of the people and today too, he is a hero. How will the situation change, if no example is presented in the nation? The way the Unnao victim was set ablaze alive, her shrieks are still echoing in front of courts, so cops like Sajjanar have to present an example.

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