HRD May Get New Name

October 08 2018

Recently, the department of higher education had convened a major meeting, in which top educationists and vice chancellors, etc., were present. The chair was held by the self-declared saffron journalist Ram Bahadur Rai. Rai has the undiluted affection of his saffron papas and is now the boss of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts. In his address, after the usual applause for the wonders of the Modi government, Rai griped that someone had advised Rajiv Gandhi to rename the education ministry as Human Resource Ministry. Rai stressed that such terms are alien to Indian culture, and in any case, to look upon people as ‘human resource’ itself is infra dig. The HRD minister Prakash Javadekar was seated on the stage, and Rai gently nudged him, suggesting renaming the HRD Ministry once again as the good old Education Ministry, and sought the minister’s opinion. To which, Javadekar extended full support, insisting that even now he introduces himself to people not as HRD minister but the Education Minister of India. But it is doubtful how far the Sangh in Nagpur would agree to such a major change, with the election winds already blowing.

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