How Much A Hindu Is Priyanka

April 08 2019

Controversy found a new home when Priyanka Gandhi Vadra visited the famous Kashi Vishwanath temple in Varanasi to offer her prayers. On one hand, many Hindu organisations are demanding a proof of her being a Hindu. On the other, Congress is advocating against such questions.
Congress claims that a Delhi’s Sitaram Bazar-based Kashmiri Pandit, who is an old acquaintance of the Gandhi family, had performed the ceremonies for Priyanka’s marriage to Robert Vadra. The marriage was performed as per Kashmiri Hindu customs. Priyanka wore the traditional customary ear ornament ‘Deji-Hor’. Rahul was made to wear a ‘janeu’ (a sacred thread in Hindu religion) while giving away his sister in the ‘vidaai’, which was again in accordance with Kashmiri Hindu rituals. The ‘pandit’ who performed the ceremonies was also gifted a Kashmiri shawl by the Gandhi family.
So these Congressese close to the Gandhi family are confident that Rahul and Priyanka don’t need to present any proves of their Hinduism.

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