How Goyal Got Finance

June 25 2018

If sources are to be believed, Amit Shah and Modi had wanted to bless Piyush Goyal with the Finance Ministry a few years ago itself. But the moment an omnipotent BJP leader got wind of this, he got same very damaging stories against Goyal planted in the media that stumped Goyal. But Mr Omnipotent did not stop there. He dug out several instances of Goyal and his wife’s financial improprieties. However, the real player behind Goyal being Shah himself, the PMO was explained the nasty implications of one senior minister plotting openly against a colleague. Modi realised the game and anointed Goyal as Finance Minister. And Mr Omnipotent was told that the PMO also has information of more than a dozen cases of misdoings against him, and hence he lost his ministry.

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