How did BJP’s “Ashwamedh” come to halt in Jharkhand?

January 04 2020

As 2019 is coming to a close, the latter part of the year has been of introduction of major political upheaval, wherein the saffron party’s “ashwamedh horse” at first stumbled in Maharashtra, however, by the time it reached Jharkhand, it collapsed. The BJP also accepted the people’s mandate and started searching within the reasons for its loss. The gist of the discussions came to be that BJP’s Raghubar Das’s ego was a major factor wherein not just the people but even the party worker and leaders were facing the issue. The BJP sidelined its tribal face, Arjun Munda and was brought in the election campaign during the last phases. The remaining dent was laid by not giving ticket to Saryu Rai whose image is that of a revolutionary and honest leader. Hemant and lalu Yadav have helped him in making him win from Jamshedpur in front of Raghuvar Das. Moreover, an influential BJP MP from Jharkhand has also helped Saryu Rai financially. Interestingly, this MP is at loggerheads with Raghuvar Das.

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