Haryana’s new BJP State Chief

January 04 2020

The rumor market is rife as to who will be the next Haryana BJP President and the first name in this list is one OP Dhankad who was the most powerful minister in Manohar Khattar’s first term as CM. Interestingly, Dhankad had been given the biggest bungalow as well. Dhankad, however, has lost the elections this time around and it is being suspected that he could be the next state chief which will mean his hold over the bungalow also stays as it is. On the other hand, according to the caste equation in Haryana, rumour is that a Gurjar leder could also be made the party’s face and the name of Krishnapal Gurjar is a prominent one here who is a central minister as well. If Krishnapal is given this responsibility then he will have to let go of the ministerial position in the centre and it is being said that in his place, MP from Delhi Ramesh Vidhuri could be brought in place of Gurjar, which will mean that with the upcoming Delhi elections, Gurjar voters can be targeted through Vidhuri.

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