Goyal’s silent victory

July 09 2018

Acting Finance Minister Piyush Goyal is proving once again that silence has a power that hyperbole often lacks. Thus it is that he silently bagged the additional charge of the Finmin, elbowing out his once political guru Arun Jaitley. He also retains his original ministry of Railways. Finmin was his prize from the Modi-Shah duo, and yet, he has not stepped into the North Block office of the Ministry of Finance. He runs his writ from Rail Bhavan itself. Goyal summons Finmin officials to the Bhavan and they have to rush. These are hard days for the babus, for after meeting Goyal, they are summoned by minister-without-portfolio Jaitley at his residence. As if that were not enough, they then have to run to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Convalescing after his successful kidney transplant, Jaitley has suddenly become very active on the blog. In fact, during the last cabinet meeting, he addressed the council over video conferencing from home, and even put on the table several important suggestions on financial reforms. Now the officials are in a fix: who do take the orders from… Goyal, Jaitley or the PMO? The name plate of Jaitley was to be seen on the official site of the PMO and that of the finance ministry till some time ago. But ask Goyal and he rubs in the salt, telling scribes close to him that he is like Bharat in Ramayana, ruling with the ‘kharam’ (wooden sandals) of Lord Rama on the throne! But those who know him closely say that Goyal is quite capable of making a lamp out of a firefly.

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