Giriraj Puts Foot In The Mouth

March 13 2019

The big-mouthed BJP leader Giriraj Singh often makes headlines for all the wrong reasons. In the recent past, prior to Modi’s March 3 ‘Sankalp Rally’ in Patna, Giriraj took the liberty of giving another bizarre statement. According to Giriraj, whoever was to not participate in the rally will be tagged as ‘anti-national’ or ‘Pakistan supporter’.
Interestingly, when Giriraj himself went missing from the stage of the rally on March 3, many speculations started doing rounds. To clear the air, Giriraj tweeted that due to illness he could not participate in the rally.
On this Pappu Yadav pulled his leg by asking Giriraj to decide whether he is ‘anti-national’ or ‘patriot’ as the nation is seeking an answer and not proof. You might recall Giriraj had once similarly questioned Rahul Gandhi.

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