Geeta’s Bihar connection

January 13 2016

Krishna, Bhagwat and Geeta are some names that have a strong impact on Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj. Maybe that is the reason she took personal interest in trying to get the Indian girl Geeta from Pakistan back into the country. It is worth remembering that when Geeta was merely seven or eight years old, this deaf and mute girl had accidentally boarded the Samjhauta Express and landed in Pakistan. Ever since Geeta has returned to India, Sushma is keeping a keen eye on her daily activities. A few days ago, Madam Swaraj also went to Indore to meet Geeta, where she is living in an organization for the deaf and mute. The DNA report from the Mahato family, which claimed to be Geeta’s family, has come negative. So in her last meeting with Geeta, Sushma spoke to her through sign language and tried to find out if she still remembered anything from her childhood. Geeta presented some scenes from her childhood and the image she portrayed of her village indicated that it must be a village in Bihar. Through signs, Geeta also mentioned the festival where the sun is worshipped, and Sushma understood she was referring to Chhath Pooja, a prominent festival in Bihar. So now Sushma has decided that she will seek the help of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to look for Geeta’s family and will probably write a letter to him about the same, very soon!

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