Ganga Cleansing in Srinagar!

June 25 2018

Union minister Nitin Gadkari uses his gift of the gab frequently, sometimes as mere wordplay (now famous as the term ‘jumla’) and sometimes to use it as a weapon. Over the last few weeks, he made such noise over Ganga cleansing that even the shrunken holy river shrieked and shrunk further. Millions were spent on file work after Rajiv Gandhi first announced his Ganga Action Plan. Then when the ‘jumla’ government of Narendra Modi took over, much hyperbole was centred on the Namami Gange project to cleanse Ganga and Rs 20,000 crore was allocated for that. How that money flowed into the Bay of Bengal no one knows, but the then minister for the project, Uma Bharati was sacked and the project was handed over to Gadkari, Modi assured that the much-accomplished minister would do the job. And yet, only the noise continued but nothing much changed, barring meeting after meeting, promises and claims. Sources disclose that of the Rs 4,800 crore allocated for the last fiscal, about Rs 3,800 crore has vanished in just this noise-making to the extent that the last meeting of the project was held in Srinagar for the babus to escape from the heat wave in north India.

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