Gandhis’ Secret Mantra Of ‘Come-Back’

March 30 2019

The BJP has placed its trump card Smriti Irani on Amethi with the intention to challenge Rahul Gandhi in his turf itself. The plan is to engage Rahul here in such a way that he cannot afford to shift his focus anywhere from Amethi. The master plan comes at a time when Mayawati too has declared to field her own candidate from Amethi.
In such a scenario, a few senior Congress leaders are suggesting that Rahul should contest from a Karnataka seat because the state has proven itself fruitful of the come-backs of Gandhi family over the years. Indira Gandhi made her come-back from Chikamagalur. When Sonia Gandhi trumped Bellary, it proved a major boost for the Congress.
However, Rahul is said to be against the idea of contesting from two seats as it is a waste of both money and time.

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