Gadkari, Yogi… No Modi!

September 18 2018

The blue-eyed boy of the RSS, Nitin Gadkari usually has the approach of a balanced politician, but when shove comes to push, and the push gets rough, he too bares his fangs. Nagpuri birds and bees hum that it was decided long ago that Gadkari would be visiting Chicago along with RSS boss Mohan Bhagwat, and share the dais with the latter. Gadkari had made painstaking preps for his Chicago visit, and had also lined up dozens of important of meetings with Indian corporates in the US, but at the last moment, Nagpur decided that he was better off on this side of the Atlantic. The RSS thinking was clear: it did not want to openly send out the message that whenever the Sangh will be in a crisis, Gadkari will be there as the answer. This internecine war – and Gadkari’s clout – became clear when an ad from the UP government recently showed the beaming faces of CM Yogi Adityanath and Gadkari, sans the face of PM Modi which is supposed to grace every single ad of the BJP, whether by the union government or central and state BJP units.

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