Friends in Delhi, Foes in Andhra

February 25 2019

Whilst bearing the flag of Oppositions unity, Chandrababu Naidu is well aware that his friendship with Rahul in Delhi won’t bear any fruits in Andhra. It is now clear that these common enemies of Modi will come face to face in Andhra Pradesh.
During the recent 5 states assembly polls Chandrababu had promised Rahul that TDP and Congress will form alliance in Andhra Pradesh. For this, Naidu had even proposed a plan too in which he proposed to give 25 seats in the Assembly polls, while 4 in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.
But the twist in the tale came when Telangana Congress president Uttam Reddy met with Rahul and succeeded in convincing him that the party crashed in Telangana due to its alliance with TDP. He warned what if the same happens in Andhra too because people are unhappy with Chandrababu.
After Uttam’s warning, Rahul conducted a pan-state survey to get the mood of the people. The results proved there is a severe anti-incumbency against Chandrababu in the state.
Well, with no further delay, Rahul told Chandrababu that the two parties are better off contesting on their own in Andhra Pradesh.

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