For Chandrababu, ‘Abhi Dilli Door Hai!’

December 20 2018

After finishing his election rallies in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu went straight to Tirupati Balaji and from their took a chartered plane to Chennai where he met with his personal astrologer Bala Nair.
Trusted sources reveal that Babu wanted to know his possibilities for the PM post in 2019, whether he can become the next Prime Minister.
The whispering bird says that after scanning through the horoscope, his astrologer advised him that the time is not in his favour these days and that he should instead stay focused on becoming the CM of Andhra again.
History is witness that Chandrababu has burnt his hand in this matter even before, when he exited the Vajpayee government and roamed across the nation publicising himself as a secular leader. In the elections that followed, he not only failed to capture Delhi but lost Andhra as well.
Chandrababu must have understood the hints dropped by his astrologer.

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