Divya’s Swan Song?

November 05 2018

Is the Congress head of the social media front, Divya Spandana, facing an ouster crisis? Last Thursday, amidst all the media frenzy over PM Modi’s unveiling of the statue of Sardar Ballbh Bhai Patel, when the midget of Modi appeared on the screen as a spec at Patel’s feet, she ignited a firestorm in the front by speculating in a controversial tweet: “Is that a bird-dropping?” The moment she tweeted this, she faced a barrage of trolling from the Modi camp. The batch of aged senior Congressmen immediately took this issue up with the leadership. Even on some earlier occasions, the aged leaders had griped with Rahul over her abrasive tweets. After that, her wings had been clipped and her social media team sliced down. It is learnt that Divya had been indicated the curtains already and she wanted to exit with a splash.

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