Diverting Rafale Storm

October 23 2018

Is the #MeToo campaign an antidote to the rising voices of opposition, especially Rahul Gandhi’s fierce campaign on the Rafale scam that was one too much for ‘Jumla Modi’? The saffron brigade needed something desperately to divert the attention of the people, and so it imported a US fad to fight a French Connection. Look at it this way: In Maharashtra, cine persona Nana Patekar was becoming the messiah of the farmers, purposely neglected by BJP. Some reprieve was call of the hour. And lo and behold, one Tanushree Dutta, all buried and done for, for long, was brushed up and brought to India with her age-old allegation of sexual harassment by Nana. The super hero fell by the way side. And gradually, Rafale scam flew past and #MeToo became the centerpiece on social media. But the BJP game did not end in triumph. Sex-scam ridden former junior foreign affairs minister had to prove his loyalty to the Shah-Modi duo. He penned the article, “There is no uncle Quattrocchi this time” for one of the largest English dailies of the country. Hurt was intended and Sonia Gandhi was especially peeved because it was her late husband Rajiv Gandhi, framed in the Bofors scam, along with Quattrocchi, who had opened the political arena for Akbar. So hurt called for hurting back and the faithful journalist Rashid Kidwai was summoned in all haste from Bhopal. Soon arose Akbar’s nemesis, Priya Ramani, whose husband had been ousted from the position of Editor, Hindustan Times, two years ago, forced by the incumbent saffron government. It just took Priya to light the fuse under ‘sex predator’ Akbar’s crotch that the skeletons kept tumbling out… all the women Akbar had forced himself upon during his long career as editor.

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