Digvijay in the Doldrums

October 16 2018

Congress veteran Digvijay Singh’s family affairs are in the doldrums these days. And all this is because of his recent marriage to the pretty young lass Amrita Singh. Insiders aver that things have come to such a pass that Singh’s daughters have refused to talk to him. His son has made it clear that Amrita will not be allowed a stem inside the traditional family home Raghogarh Fort. But Amrita is also not short of political advisers in Delhi, the chief among them being former CEO of Rajya Sabha TV, Gurdeep Sappal. People say that it is Sappal who has advised her to enter politics, and she desires to contest from Digvijay Singh’s traditional seat. But the old man apparently wants his son Jaivardhan Singh to contest from there. Amrita is now suggesting to hubby dear that given his age, it is time he went to Rajya Sabha, and Digvijay is not averse to that. But the real quarrel is over his political legacy, tearing at the seams between son and wife.

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