DeMon Dying No Time Soon

December 10 2018

While the Modi government is reluctant for the dying out of the controversy that Demonetisation (DeMon) is, on the other hand the Congress is preparing to raise this issue with a bang.
Rahul Gandhi is prepping to raise the DeMon issue in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Sources reveal that a PIL is to be filed in court. Congress brigade is filing plethora of RTIs to gain data to expose the adverse consequences of the movel.
The RTIs revolve around:
‘Over 150 deaths occurred during the Demonetisation period. Who is responsible for them?’
‘Since demonetisation meant to bring back the black money, what was the sum that could be collected?’
‘In the overwhelmingly ambitious plan that was implemented overnight, there are allegations of a scam of Rs 3,000 crore. Who is to be held accountable for it?’
‘If the credit goes to one person, then how can the accountability be collective?’
etc… etc… etc…

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