Dalit Trio, Dalit Suggestions

March 13 2019

Nowadays Rahul is lending his ear mostly to PL Punia, K Raju and Alankar Sawai. Incidentally all three are Dalits.
The trio is now advising Rahul to replace Bhupendra Singh Hooda with Ashok Tanwar is Haryana. Incidentally, Tanwar is also a Dalit. However, on the other hand, a large section of Haryana Congress workers are of the view that putting forth Tanwar will not be in party’s favour.
In Odisha, too, the trio was pitching Bhakta Charan Das. FYI, he too is a Dalit. But in view of the worsening condition of Congress in the state, Niranjan Patnaik was given the command of the state unit.
At the same time, Priyanka Gandhi is of the view that Bhupendra Singh Hooda-Kuldeep Bishnoi equation will benefit Congress in Haryana. It will be interesting to see whose advice Rahul accepts.

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