Creating PM Nightmare

August 06 2018

Top strategists in the Modi government are trying nip the PM-dreams of many regional satraps in the bud, and it is learnt that Modi himself is part of the game. This is why when he went to West Bengal some time ago to address a rally, he repeatedly praised ‘Didi’ Mamata Banerjee, the state CM. it is learnt that he also pulled the strings for an English magazine to put Didi on its cover in a recent edition. Modi knows that Mamata and Sonia Gandhi are political buddies, but the former cares little for Rahul, Congress president, and will perhaps not consent to side with him as the consensual PM candidate of an united opposition in 2019. This is perhaps the main reason that Rahul in a recent statement said that he would support the likes of Mayawati or Mamata as the opposition PM candidate. But that is also the grand plan of the Modi-Shah duo: they want that there should be so many PM candidates in the Opposition camp that the camp unravels itself.

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