Contemplative Nitish

July 16 2018

The recent engagement between Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and BJP president Amit Shah has put Kumar in a corner for a while. Shah had kept his itinerary clear: breakfast and dinner with Nitish and company, while the rest of the time it would be civil engagements. Patna suddenly became a saffron city, such was Shah’s popular pull in social events, and so much so that even Nitish had least expected this aura. Shah clearly told Nitish, insiders tell us, that in Bihar in 2019, the fight is clearly between BJP and RJD. So in that case, if Nitish stays with BJP, only then can one think of trying to hold back Lalu’s RJD, or else… informed insiders says that there was no talk of seat sharing this time between Shah and Nitish, for the former was in Patna to soothe the latter’s feathers. And he may have succeeded to some extent. But behold, behold, after the summit, it is only Shah’s statement that has come out. The media, eager to hear from Nitish, were wondering if they have turned deaf, and even the usually garrulous JDU leader
K C Tyagi stayed off the mike.

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