Conflict in Congress on 370

August 17 2019

At the meeting of the Congress Working Committee convened in New Delhi, Jitin Prasad questioned contradictory statements of Congress leaders that are coming out regarding Section 370, and said this is creating confusion among people. On this statement, Ghulam Nabi Azad said to Jitin, “Party leaders may have their own opinion about this, but as far as the party line is concerned, Congress is against the removal of Article 370 in Kashmir.” Hearing this, UP Congress leader RPN Singh stood up and said that people in UP are in favour of the scrapping of Article 370. P Chidambaram interrupted Singh and said, “UP is not India, Congress is a National Party” (ie UP is not the whole of India, don’t forget that Congress is a national party). However, there is a clear rift within the Congress Party. Most of young leaders of the party are in favour of the removal of Article 370, but the senior leaders of the party have some other views.

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