Come LS Polls, It’s Raining Big Bucks On Journos

March 18 2019

The impact of social media in shaping opinions is out in the open. Its influence over ‘floating voters’ is no different. Stating the obvious, Social Media has become a crucial weapon for the 2019 Lok Sabha election-eyeing political parties of India.
The parties are on the look-out for social media influencers and amid all this, it has brought a boom for all the big-shot journalists. One Facebook/Instagram post or a tweet on Twitter in favour of a particular party is worth big bucks.
BJP is said to be sitting at the lead in this social media game-plan. Retweets too have good values. The journalists with followers-figure in lakhs are being paid accordingly per post/tweet. And cash is the most preferred mode of payment in the entire game.
The cuckoos coo that BJP’s social media cell alone has roped in over 5,000 of these “influencers”. Regional language journos are also a part of the game.
There are around 90 crore voters ready to cast their mind in the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha polls, and given a huge chunk of them are smartphone users, social media has a vital role to play.

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