Chandrababu’s Lunch Invite

February 18 2019

As a protest against the Modi government not giving special package to Andhra Pradesh, CM Chandrababu Naidu sat on a day-long hunger protest in Delhi. The next day he sent lunch invitations to selective journalists at the Andhra Bhawan in New Delhi. The journos showed up in big strength and Naidu himself served them food.
During the lunch, Naidu also expressed his sorrow too. Naidu said that in 2014 the then CM Narendra Modi was projected as a messiah and people were made to believe that he is the sole solution to India’s problems. This way Modi’s graph took a sharp hike. He further added that he completely backed Modi but as 2019 inched closer, Modi’s true colours came out. Chandrababu’s sorrow was clearly visible from his face.

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