Mamta show her thumbs-up to PK?

June 25 2019

A master of providing political victories, Prashant Kishore (PK) is in a huge demand these days and West Bengal Chief Minister has also picked him up without wasting time and a promise to pay a handsome fees has also been made in return. But now Didi’s behaviour appears to have changed regarding PK. If sources close to Didi are to be believed, Didi and Jagan spoke at length few days back and it is being said that Didi asked for a feedback from Jagan during the talks. Jagan has apparently told Mamta that PK worked for him for two years, and although his way of working is intelligent and scientific, however he forces few of his own things on the person. For example, six months before the elections he started saying that he (Jagan) should establish cordial relations with Narendra Modi and should seek his blessings. After this Jagan changed his strategy and told PK that he and his team will stay in Hyderabad, track the elections and provide feedback while Jagan will handle the election campaigning on ground with his sister. Jagan told Didi that after this the results came in his favour. Sources reveal that after this Didi summoned her nephew Abhishek who had introduced Didi to PK. Sources further reveal that Didi asked Abhishek to hand over the technology aspect to PK however she will contest the assembly elections in her own way, one the ground level. Now it was Abhishek’s turn to talk to PK.

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