BJP’s Friends Turning Foe?

September 03 2018

All is not well for the BJP in Bihar. Most of its coalition partners – for example, Nitish, Paswan and Kushwaha – cannot help but make visible their anger towards the saffron party.
When Nitish met with BJP President Amit Shah in recent past, after this the latter entrusted his close aide Bhupender Yadav with the task of doing the Bihar seat-share math and discuss the same with Nitish.
So, Nitish waited, and waited, and waited. But no proposal reached him. And when it finally did, it was via media.
Sources reveal that Bhupender Yadav’s higly-considered Bihar BJP leader Nityanand Rai leaked the news in media that the BJP has given 12+1 seat share to the JD(U). That is, the saffron brigade is ready to leave 12 seats in the Bihar and one more in any other state for this ally in the Lok Sabha 2019 polls.
Nitish was offended that he was informed of the seat-share math through media. Paswan and Kushwaha too backed Nitish on the matter.

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