BJP’s Dusk in East Coast

October 16 2018

The BJP had asked several poll agencies to gauge the mood of voters in four different coastal states of eastern India, including West Bengal, Odisha, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Reports are that barring in Odisha, it is in for a drubbing the other three. The agencies are more or less unanimous. It will improve its seat share in Odisha to six out of 21 seats. In 2014, only BJP’s Juwel Oraon could win one seat from the state. The party’s Dharmendra Pradhan, once touted to be its projected CM, has now slipped to the third position, so the party is not going to project anyone as its CM face in Odisha. Even Pradhan, Amit Shah’s blued eyed boy will now have to contest for the Lok Sabha, not the state assembly.

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