Jaitley To The Rescue

September 03 2018

If the judiciary of the largest temple of democracy begins to shift its attitude against the government, gets bitter with its judgments, then surely something must have happened.
And not only the courts, but also the tones of the Election Commission and the Law Commission change; it is a signal that democracy is alive.
The Supreme Court’s statements such as, ‘What should be done if governance is not visible, and due to the laxity and inaction of the government, civil rights are being violated’; The apex court responds with equal sharpness to the arrest of human rights activists and says, ‘Disagreement is a safety valve for any democracy. If disagreement is not allowed, democracy will burst open like a pressure cooker’; And the court’s decision regarding Karnataka in recent past – these all could be linked with the judiciary putting its foot down.
The government supremo is not happy with his respective minister that he is unable to strike the right chords with the judiciary. Bees in Ashoka Road tell that now finance minister Arun Jaitley may come to the rescue as he has been asked to strengthen the communication between the judiciary and the government.

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