BJP Copycat: Congress

July 16 2018

It is not just the BJP, but even the Congress is fully geared up to the 2019 polls. Rahul Gandhi is on top of the ball on social media war, with Divya Spandana regularly briefing him. It is learnt that one of the key bars against the Modi government will be that it has merely usurped the UPA’s original schemes and programmes, given them new names and done nothing new. Whether it is the smart city idea or health insurance for the poor. In the latter, some six crore health cards with enabled chips had been distributed for free treatment up to Rs 2 lakh, which means it had benefitted 30crore poor people. The Congress is saying that the same scheme was re-christened as National Health Protection Scheme, the sum increased from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh and the BJP claims that this has benefitted 50 crore people. Politics turns back to square one.

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