Birla’s excitement trouble for MPs

July 14 2019

Speakers as excited as Om Birla are seldom seen. Last Saturday marked as Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherji’s death anniversary and by chance, the Prime Minister was out of Delhi that day, so the Lok Sabha Speaker remembered his responsibility. Although he had to catch a flight for his constituency Kota at 7:30 am, so he decided that the garlanding of Mujherjee’s photo will be done at 6.30 am, whereas the general timing for such function is at 10:30 am. On hearing theSpeaker’s orders, the officials and staff in Lok Sabha were in a tizzy but they somehow managed to come for their duty at 5 am. A handful of stalwart leaders like Rajnath Singh, Dr Harshwardhan, Rakesh Sinha, Subramaniam Swamy and Congress leader Dr JK Jain were seen. Notably, Advani, who generally comes for such functions, was not seen anywhere. The speaker presented flowers and caught his flight, but there were several who felt “landing on ground”.

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