Bhupender Yadav on Shah Crosshairs

August 06 2018

The entire strategising of tackling the No Confidence Motion, of befriending foes and warming up friends lies at the door of BJP party chief Amit Shah. a night before that he is said to have stayed up at the House office with his dependable – and dependant – Bhupender Yadav. Incumbent Finance Minister Piyush Goel is also said to have been part of the strategy-making. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar is also said to be the architect of the “Modi-Modi” cheerleading during the latter’s response speech to the motion. But despite all this, it is learnt from the innards of Lok Sabha that Shah is not at all happy with the hyper activity of some party MPs, such as that of Jabbalpur MP Rakesh Singh. Shah is reportedly upset that Singh was not vociferous in his protest against Rahul when the latter was accusing Singh’s son.

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