Bhagwat’s New Bhagwa

September 24 2018

The RSS stunned people with its immaculate events management during the three-day gala show at New Delhi’s premier venue, Vigyan Bhavan. Whenever Chief Mohan Bhagwat entered the hall, almost 90 per cent of the attendees would stand up to show him respect. Vande Mataram would be played loudly. Some unpleasant questions also came up. In fact, these were questions that Bhagwat himself wanted to take up. Most opposition leaders had been invited, including Rahul Gandhi. However, barring JDU’s KC Tyagi, these leaders were conspicuously absent. Bhagwat attempted to clear the air about the Sangh’s outlook on the Muslim community, saying without Muslims, there would be no Hindutva. This was a change over from the traditional ideology by Guru Golwalkar, who looked upon and described Communists, Christians and Muslim as India’s ‘internal enemies’. The three day event brought fresh hopes in the Sangh, which now feels that even the opponents wish to hear and understand it. And now it is possible that a few more such events will be organised in the coming days.

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