Bhagwat goes to middle-east

June 25 2019

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat might soon travel to the middle-eastern nations, sources claim so. It would be prudent to point that in the past sometime, a major change has been observed in the RSS’s attitude towards Muslims in the country and Islamic nations. For the past some time the Sanga has been involved in projecting that it too is worried about the muslims of India. At first, the RSS initiated a bid to open advanced madarsas for education of muslim students. It is being said that the project will be initiated from Uttarakhand and the next phase may be in Bihar. After this, the RSS has given impetus to it own sister-wing, Rashtriya Muslim Manch whose chief is Indresh Kumar, who had recently held an Eid-Milan party under the banner of his organization at Parliament Annexe, where ambassadors of Islamic Nations took part in huge numbers. Sources reveal that the roadmap for RSS Chief’s visit to Middle-eastern nations was stamped in this party. RSS Chief’s visit to Middle-East during a time when America and Iran are at loggerheads, can bear strategic fruits.

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