Bengaluru Congress Upset With Rahul

December 10 2018

The Bengaluru unit of Congress is upset with its leader Rahul Gandhi. The entire matter is that Jaffer Sharief, former Railway Minister and a close aide of Indira Gandhi, died in Bengaluru a few days back. Kannada cinema fame Ambareesh is also no more. Many biggies from different-different political outfits marked their presence in their last rites. But despite all the requests of the local unit of Congress, Rahul Gandhi could not spare a minute as he was too occupied with the election rallies at the time.
The Congress leaders are now slipping notes of advice for Rahul that he should learn from Modi, who despite all his engagements makes it a point to at least meet and console the family members of the deceased.
However, Rahul did send Ghulam Nabi Azad to Bengaluru as his representative. Azad participated in Jaffar Sharief’s funeral but forgot to meet the wife of late Ambareesh.

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