Baghel’s Check-Mate To Singhdeo

December 27 2018

Bhupesh Baghel aced the CM race in Chhattisgarh, although his competitor TS Singhdeo projected a much better graph than him. In this, a few journalists emerged as Baghel’s saviour. Anyhow, Baghel’s relation with journos is better than his competitors.
So an investigative journalist went snooping and finally dug out the documents to expose TS Singhdeo’s connection with Gautam Adani, which he handed over to Rahul Gandhi. It hit the bull’s eye and Singhdeo was knocked out of the CM race.
Although Baghel had misled Rahul about the Kurmi voters in the state – the birds in Chhattisgarh Congress sing that he had the 12 per cent Kurmi population as 22 per cent instead – the matter was not paid any heed since Baghel is considered as the lesser of two evils by the Gandhi Parivar.
Another chief ministerial contender Tamradhwaj Sahu, had a fierce opposition in the party itself, because ‘money-for-post’ charges has been a known trait of him.
Amid this, Baghel hit the lottery with the help of a few journalists – probably why at least four of his journo friends are now on the CM’s advisory panel.

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