Aye-Aye, Captain!

February 12 2019

The 2019 Lok Sabha polls have become a matter of pride for BJP president Amit Shah. The party president wishes from all his heart that Modi becomes the PM once again in his presidentship. You might recall that Rajnath Singh was the party president in 2014. It was on Modi’s suggestion that Shah was handed-over the responsibility of Uttar Pradesh.
This time, Shah’s strategies for LS polls are lip-sealed with his few close aids.
The BJP headquarter may have aplenty rooms for vice-presidents and secretaries, but they remain vacant nowadays. When one presses the lift button of this building, ‘Vande Mataram’ in Lata Mangeshkar’s voice (from the film ‘Anand Math’) starts playing.
BJP’s IT cell is the new occupant of the party’s previous headquarter at 14 Ashoka Road, where there is no entry without permission.
Party’s high-command is well aware of the social media impact and thus it has been decided that whosoever is given tickets for the LS polls, their social media will be handled by party’s IT cell only. So now no candidate will be able to run their SM accounts on own terms or through agencies of their choice. The BJP ship now sails on their captain Shah’s instructions only.

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