All Eyes On The Future!

May 14 2019

In the election season of 2019, the Congress did not want to give the Election Commission any chance to say that it did not receive any complaints this time. So the party is sending notices to the Commission for every littlest of things. A few days back the Congress noticed the Commission about the PMO. As per Congress, the PMO had e-mailed the District Magistrates of three districts, seeking details of the regions – from history, culture to the caste equation. These were the three districts where the PM was to hold rallies. However, despite all the homework, the PM is bound to commit mistakes, for instance in one of his speeches he told Guru Nanak, Kabir and Baba Gorakhnath beseated together. Anyhow, Modi doesn’t bother himself much with history. He is all eyes to the future.

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