All Except Patel

January 29 2019

One thing that visibly went missing from the latest Vibrant Gujarat Summit was the picture of Gujarat’s deputy CM Nitin Patel from all the posters, banners, pamphlets and hoardings of the event. Every XYZ minister, state party president and even the Mayor were pasted alongside Modi and CM Rupani, all except Patel.
If the grapevines are to be believed, the cold war between Rupani and Patel has caught up the heat and come out in the open. The crack originates from Patel’s willingness to be handed-over the finance ministry by the end of January and was constantly pressing for it. But when Amit Shah came to know of it, he instructed the exclusion of his photos from all the posters et al.
Patel was so hurt from this that when Modi reached Gujarat, he did not take part in his welcome. Following this, when Patel registered his presence in the Mega Trade Show of the Vibrant Gujarat, the Modi too ignored him. On the golf carts, too, Modi asked Rupani to accompany him while telling Patel to take another cart. A hurt Patel walked out of the venue.

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