Advisory: Don’t Misuse ‘Ram’!

December 27 2018

If the highest of sources are to be believed, then two days prior the results of the five-state assembly polls a crucial meeting was held at the Delhi headquarters of RSS in which Amit Shah, Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s president Justice Sadashiv Kokje and veteran RSS officials were present.
In it, the BJP president was told that ‘the VHP wanted the issue of Ram Mandir be raised symbolically in elections. But the BJP instead made it the key agenda. This is probably the reason why we are losing in the three Hindi heartlands.’
Sources reveal that post the outcome of the recent assembly elections the Sangh told the BJP high command that the public is rejecting them on the issue of the Ram Mandir.
The ordinance is also redundant on the matter. So, now one only looks up to the law. The judicial process should be completed in it and we should await the Supreme Court’s decision.

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