Advani: Modi’s Poli-tricks

July 09 2018

Lal Krishna Advani’s son Jayant was busy one of these days in his factory in Noida when he received a shock call. The voice on the other end was that of none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s. Now, Modi and Jayant have been well connected for some time, so without a long preamble, Modi asked Jayant when he would be reaching home, for Modi said he wanted to visit Jayant and family. A perplexed Jayant said, “You tell me when you desire to come. If the Prime Minister wants to visit us, I shall be there whenever he finds time.” But sources say that in reply, Modi said rather somberly: “I am not coming as the PM but as an old friend.” And when Jayant informed the elder Advani of this missive, the old fox immediately realised the game plan of the Modi-Shah duo. After all, the changing times in the politics of this country is well understood by LK Advani. So, that evening, the two BJP ring masters reached the Advani household. There were the usual polite noises of letting bygones be bygones. And after the clever overtures, the ring masters said that in the 2019 polls, each seat would count for the party; hence, the patriarch is requested to contest from his old Lok Sabha seat of Gandhinagar. It is known that the nonagenarian Advani wanted the same seat for his daughter Pratibha, and that Jayant himself also wanted to contest from there. Old man Advani did not immediately respond to the proposal. But indeed, he had a sense of vengeance on now being sought after by the same duo who four years ago killed his political career.

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