Advani from Gandhinagar?

July 09 2018

Throwing a lunch on the occasion of completion of four years of the BJP-led NDA in power, party boss Amit Shah seemed to respond with élan to even the bitter questions of journalists. While Shah and his blue-eyed boy Piyush Goyal were relishing some tomato juice, a Marathi scribe pointedly asked Shah: “So what about your formula of refusing party tickets to people above 75? Will you give them tickets in 2019?” Shah listened to the question attentively, and then, landing his soup bowl on the table, said: “For the next election, we have just one criterion: winability, winability and winability.” The scribe persisted and asked: “So that means you will get Advani to contest from Gandhinagar?” Shah replied: “I have already answered your question.”

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