Adani Goes With The Wind

January 21 2019

With the changing winds of politics, pro-BJPs like Gautam Adani are on a party switching spree.
As heard on the grapevine, the high commands of this industrial group are convinced that siding with BJP has more cons than pros. For instance: in the infamous loan case the group had asked for a loan of Rs 2000 crore but received mere Rs 500 crore from financial institutions; the group was to be allotted coal blocks in Jharkhand, but that too died down soon with the sloth-movement of the files; the PM had announced power supply to Bangladesh which the group had to fulfill with its Jharkhand project, but that too doomed.
If the sources are to be believed, perhaps this is the reason why the group is seeking a new friendship in Congress and Chandrababu Naidu these days.
The cuckoos too coo that the group also helped Rahul reach heights with his campaign in Rajasthan by providing him with their helicopter services.

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