Abhi Tamil Nadu Door Hai

September 03 2018

The BJP’s ‘Mission South’ is hopeful of many new allies. The saffron party was till now eyeing M K Stalin as its best fit, but the latter is well-aware of the strength of his core vote bank in Tamil Nadu. In such case, going along with the BJP would be like cutting off the nose to spite the face. Anyway, this time it is seemingly a clean-sweep for the DMK in Tamil Nadu.
To lure Stalin, the Central Government has hastened the raids on its ex-ally AIADMK. According to sources, Prime Minister Modi himself spoke to Stalin on phone and inquired about his well-being and extended an invite to Delhi on lunch.
Immediately after this, RSS think-tank Gurumurthy paid a visit Stalin in Chennai with a special proposal. But things didn’t hit the right chord here.
Short after, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu went to Chennai on a personal visit. He too invited Stalin to his hotel. But Stalin’s response was cold. He allegedly told Naidu, “There is no point meeting you people. The time when my father was beaten openly on the road, you did not dismiss Jayalalitha’s government.”
After this, the saffron stalwart tried explaining him that it was in the past, and that Narendra Modi is not like that.
To this Stalin replied that the truth is that at the moment, whoever joins hands with BJP, their vote share will collapse.
As Stalin didn’t change his mind, Naidu returned to Delhi and told his ‘saheb’ that Tamil Nadu remains a far-fetched dream for BJP.

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