AAP: Changing people and tactics

July 14 2019

Since assembly elections are round the corner in Delhi, the two pillars of Aam Aadmi Party, Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodiya, have started changing their people and tactics. Keeping aside the old faithful emphasis given to new faces and new ideas. Manish Sisodiya started the drive when he brought with him Vikram Bhatt – the director of a Bangalore based NGO. Bhatt resigned from his position at the NGO and came along with Sisodiya. After this, Kejriwal sidelined his long time media manager Nagendra Sharma. Kejriwal somehow thinks that Sharma is unable to save Kejriwal in the media against attacks by BJP. So now he has appointed Jasmin Shah as his media adviser who has been associated with AAP since the times of Delhi dialogue and also as the vice-president of development commission. Jasmin has studied from IIT Madras and Columbia University and thus has started working on an aggressive strategy to take on the saffron party.

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