A ‘Political Divorce’

November 12 2018

Tej Pratap to divorce Aishwarya. This news from the Lalu household is making waves across the country, especially since it is less than a year that they have been married. So what is it? For a change this divorce is totally rooted in politics. The point is that Aishwarya comes from an pedigreed political family. Her grandfather Daroga Prasad Rai had been Bihar chief minister. And her father Chnadrika Prasad had served as a minister in more than one government. It is said that Aishwarya’s own political maturity and foresight is far ahead of Tej Pratap’s. It is known that since just after their marriage, Aishwarya had started impressing upon Tej the need for him to become far more politically active. Aishwarya had stressed that Tej had a better standing among Yadav voters – due to his rustic communication – that younger brother Tejashwi. She had even drawn up a roadmap in which Tej was to extensively tour Bihar for a year, and spend nights at homes of Yadavs and Mahadalits. But Tej would have none of that. for him the romance of an almost bohemian life was more important. This, Yadav family sources say, have been the root cause of the rift.
An upset Chandrika Prasad is said to have had some direct but highly confidential communication with younger brother Tejaswi. Unconfirmed sources say that even earlier, Tejaswi had been the first choice for Aishwarya. But it was Lalu who put in the spanner, saying how can the younger brother wed when the elder is still a bachelor, and so forth. The other fallout is that the hospitalised Lalu is suffering problems. He is neither eating well, nor getting much sleep. And while doctors are more worried about his kidneys, Lalu is about his ‘bahu’.

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