15 अगस्त के बाद जेटली की वापसी

August 06 2018

Baiters, nigglers and former disciples of Arun Jaitley who overran him beware. The Big Boss of Indian economy is all set to stage a comeback soon. If the pigeons fluttering around all over South Block and witness to every whisper are to be believed then he might be reclaiming his turf at the Finance Ministry any time after Independence Day, August 15, and ‘liberate’ Piyush Goel, now temporary in-charge. After his successful kidney transplantation, Jaitley has been stationed at home where he meets very few, as doctors have warned that after such an operation, infections are common, so he is barred till August 15. Jaitley for the moment interacts with people via a giant TV screen placed in his room and the visitor’s room. So much so that even when his dearest pal Rajat Sharma went to meet him with his entire team after his victory in the Delhi Cricket Committee polls, they interfaced with him via TV screen. Sources say the doctors have said that he can meet people after August 15, when the quarantine of 90 days will be over. So he will most likely be seen in his Finance Ministry after that.

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